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2021 WSMC Graduates Spotlight Series:

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

There are six accomplished amazing students graduating from the Waldorf School of Mendocino County this year! It has been an honor watching these students integrate their learning and growth on campus, with their community, all year. The 8th grade curriculum is full and rich: Chemistry, Anatomy, and Physics (making their own simple circuitry), History,(including the history of policing and civil liberties.)

8th Grade at WSMC challenges students to reach deeper and accomplish more than they believe possible. Projects included:

  • World Map with statistical modeling

  • 60 hours of community service on projects around our county.

  • Writing a Biography about someone of their choice, dressed for the role and presented to an audience.

  • 8th grade project. This is a year long study focused on a topic of choice, supported by a mentor. The project culminates with an oral presentation of their learning.

  • Their last block was Drama with their performance of "Leading Ladies", which was finely executed and a hilarious romp.

Now that this work is behind them, students will enjoy a week in Philadelphia joined by the rest of their class who graduated last year. All the students raised thousands of dollars for this trip that was delayed due to COVID and are well deserving of the upcoming adventure.

These young people are capable, resilient, and creative, ready to participate meaningfully in their community. Congratulations Class of 2021!

We will be highlighting each student in the next 2 weeks! Enjoy!

Tiah Ross

Tiah has been a student at WSMC since Yellow Rose Kindergarten – a true Waldorf student who can do most things well. She is a wonderful artist and a poised speaker.

She will be attending Willits High School in the fall. Congratulations Tiah!

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