Mary Colvig


I visited WSMC in my student teaching year many years ago.  While it took me some time to circle back as a parent and now board chair, I recall the magic and love of learning that was present in each classroom at the time.  I joined the board to learn and serve the WSMC community because I fully support its mission and values.  I appreciate how children at WSMC are taught in an authentic and experiential way, which speaks to their inner spirit and joy for life and learning.  I grew up in Mendocino County and have worked in education for the past twenty years.   I received a masters in education from Harvard University where I focused on teacher quality and the impact high performing teachers have on student learning.  As a result of my research, I have come to believe and know that teachers are the most important factor in a child’s education and firmly support the idea that the relationships among teachers and students are paramount in learning.   Through my own search for a school for my children, I found that at WSMC these relationships are emphasized and supported throughout a child's educational experience. I decided to become the Board Chair to be part of the WSMC community and show how I support those working within it.

Joseph Haggard Vice President


Vice President

I am a WSMC alumni and hold much enthusiasm for supporting the school I attended in the late 1990s. I bring experience in environmental education, biodynamic farming, and public speaking to help strengthen the school board and the Waldorf community. I joined the board to direct my passion for Waldorf education to serve the school which helped create the foundation of my education. I think Waldorf education is important because I personally experienced the benefits of a positive Waldorf experience and wish that for the many generations of children who will follow in my footsteps. I come to the board as a young, enthusiastic farmer/educator with a lifelong interest in Steiner’s ideals in food, medicine, economy and education.

Paula Gaska Board Member



I joined the board because I wanted to help the school and balance my busy home life of raising two young children. I enjoyed serving on the board of the Biodynamic Association (now the Biodynamic Demeter Association) for six years and thought I could bring my experience from volunteering for a non-profit anthroposophical organization, as well as my business skills from operating a diverse local farm for ten years. Waldorf education is important in cultivating free thinkers and doers to face the unprecedented challenges of society today. What I appreciate about Waldorf education is the freedom the teachers have in designing creative and developmentally appropriate lessons, the emphasis on human relationships, and the beautiful intertwining of academics, arts, and physical development. I enjoy helping WSMC with fundraising and am happy to contribute wherever there is a need.

Kelly Austin.jpg

Kelly Austin

Faculty Representative

I began my teaching journey at this school by taking up the 4th grade class in 1997 while concurrently taking the Waldorf Teacher Training at the Center for Educational Renewal. This class graduated from 8th grade in 2001; at the same time, I graduated from my teacher training program.  I then began an eight year journey with my next class.  I stayed in the upper grades and graduated two 8th grade classes (2011 and 2012).  I began again with a new 1st grade in 2012.  In our 4th grade year, we were joined by the 3rd grade class, when WSMC switched to a combined grades model.  We moved together through the grades and graduated in 2020 and 2021. I have always loved teaching and although I am not teaching this year I look forward to possibly taking another class through the grades in the future.

This year I was offered the new position, Pedagogical Chair. I will be working closely with the School Administrator and College of Teachers to hold the whole picture of the school and work to strengthen the relationships, curriculum and organization. 

Outside of school I spend every moment possible with my husband, my three children, and my five grandchildren.  I enjoy reading, knitting, drawing, puzzles, gardening, hiking, and birding.

Debra McCarthy.jpg

Debra McCarthy

College of Teachers Representative

I have been teaching at WSMC for sixteen years, and I was an assistant even before that time. I began my Waldorf journey when my young daughter was beginning kindergarten. We went to visit the school and immediately fell in love with it, not knowing anything about Waldorf Education. As you can imagine, it has been quite a journey for me and is always continuing to be so. The job and my life are intertwined, and I dearly believe that this is the best education for children. It's not an easy path to become a Waldorf teacher, or parent; I know I am always striving to do better.

There are so many favorite days in kindergarten, that I could not name just one.  I thoroughly love any time the children are experiencing the beautiful world of nature or a magical moment when their imagination carries them into building a spaceship or a fairy house, to the excitement when they bring me a flower, or a worm, or a stone, and are so filled with wonder at their discovery. After they leave kindergarten, they might remember the day they got to make their own pizza, or the puppet show they performed before leaving the kindergarten to go on to first grade. Personally, I enjoy being in nature, swimming, and hiking. I like working in my garden and canning the summer bounty when I have time. I have a wonderful family to share life with, and I am very fulfilled and appreciate my good fortune.

Spring Senerchia Board Member



I was born and raised in Mendocino County; my childhood was spent outdoors and with books.  I graduated from Mountain Meadow Waldorf School (now WSMC) in 1992.  Since then I have lived in a Zen Monastary, Guatemala, Santa Cruz, New Mexico and Willits.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Culture, Ecology and Sustainable Community.  I have worked for an Intentional Community, in classrooms, offices and commercial kitchens of all sorts, as a Natural Builder and as a mother.  In my work I am passionate about supporting individuals towards working effectively within larger organizations that operate out of reverence for the spiritual nature of life, and whose goals are social health and renewal.  My children both attend WSMC: Indigo, like many 8th grade Waldorf students, synthesizes in a unique way, years of learning and practice, daily astounding me with artistic talent and social emotional acuity; Salvio, entering Class 4 & 5 is a voracious reader of history and an exemplary athlete whose passion for organized sports ignites mine.  Working here brings together almost all of my passions and deeply held convictions in a way that is deeply satisfying.  I am thrilled to work with fantastic colleagues in service to the children of our future.
I most like to be in wild places and with my family.
My best friends are farmers and spiritual seekers.
Cooking and serving excellent food to my friends and family is a great love of mine.

Wendy Harris Board Member



I learned of Waldorf Education in 2015 while searching for a preschool. I was impressed by the integrated curriculum that supports the whole child through all developmental stages of childhood. I wanted this hands on learning in an environment that includes nature, art and beauty for my child and others. 

In 2019 I joined the Board with a background in Marketing and an entrepreneurial spirit to support WSMC to the best of my ability that ensures this school continues not only for my child but for future generations. 

Jim Logg Board President



Background: I was born and raised in Northern California and have lived in Ukiah for 21 years. I
have worked in private industry from grocery stores to SIlicon Valley startups all the way to
large, established corporations. I have a B.S. in Business Administration I completed while
working full time. Although my degree is in business, I have been an artist, designer and builder
since I was a child. I currently co-manage a Ukiah hobby shop and e-commerce company. My
daughter, Anya, is in Class 6/7 and has been at WSMC since Kindergarten.

Why I serve: While looking for ways to volunteer at WSMC, I was invited to sit in on a board
meeting to see if it would be something I might be interested in. After a couple of meetings, I
felt I could use my small business experience and entrepreneurial spirit to help the school. I also
enjoy problem-solving and am willing to help find creative ways to help the school succeed, not
only for my daughter, but for generations to come.

Leif Bolin Board Member



I became interested in Waldorf education when my son attended kindergarten at WSMC. When I meet older students or adults who have had a Waldorf education, I am consistently impressed by the way they carry themselves. I feel that getting an education through a Waldorf Curriculum instills a deep desire to learn and know your own abilities. I joined the WSMC board to offer my skills and experience to such a wonderful community institution.


Guidance and Support