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Waldorf Star Project

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Dear Wonderful WSMC Families!

In this challenging time when we are apart, we are constantly seeking out ways in which we can join together. With this in mind, we invite you to participate in a continental paper star-making project!

Inspired by Denver Waldorf School, we The Waldorf School of Mendocino County and Waldorf Schools across North America -- will be creating simple paper stars that can be hung in your windows providing color, beauty and joy.

Each student will be receiving materials and instructions next week.


– kite paper – glue stick or glue – scissors or paper cutter (if you need to resize your kite paper)


– Step 1. Resize your kite paper if needed. The paper we used was 6.3″ x 6.3″, and we cut into quarters so that we could make smaller stars to fit our window space. – Step 2. Arrange your prepared pieces of paper into the order that you want your star points to be- you will have eight points, so you need eight pieces of paper!

– Step 3. Fold your first square in half

– Step 4. With your paper still folded in half, fold in half again

– Step 5. Open up your paper completely, and then fold one corner into the middle

– Step 6. Repeat step 5 with each remaining corner

– Step 7. Fold in two sides so they meet in a straight line at the center

– Step 8. Repeat steps 3 through 7 for remaining papers

– Step 9. Begin gluing your star points together

– Step 10. Continue working around your star, gluing each at the center

– Step 11. Make sure your star is dry, and then hang in your window to spread beauty, light and love!

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