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Teachers Who Recognize Children As Individuals

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Experienced Teachers Join the Faculty at the Waldorf School of Mendocino County

The Waldorf School of Mendocino County is delighted to announce the addition of new teachers for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year. As the school continues its commitment to holistic education and nurturing individual potential, these new educators bring a wealth of experience, passion, and innovative teaching approaches that will further enrich the learning environment for students.

They welcome Lynne Newton back to their faculty to teach the 4th and 5th graders. Lynne, who taught at WSMC from 1987 until 2015, is returning with a diverse set of experiences and strong classroom management skills. “There is only one reason why someone would choose to work instead of choosing the leisurely life of retirement, and that is because the work is enjoyable. I am very excited to return to the Waldorf School of Mendocino County after completing a full cycle at the Westside Waldorf School in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles County.” Parents are enthusiastic to have Lynne join the teaching team at WSMC because of her reputation for being a creative, caring, and expert teacher.  

Kori Albritton will also join the teaching team, transitioning from enrollment coordinator and specialty teacher to 1st-grade teacher. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Kori holds a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, a multiple-subject teaching credential, and a Master of Arts in Education. She worked as a substitute teacher for several years in the public school system, and as a resource teacher for the past seven years, becoming a highly regarded teacher in reading and mathematics. Becoming a Waldorf class teacher has been an ambition of hers for many years. She has spent time in the kindergarten and feels a calling to be with these children. She is looking forward to beginning her training at the Center for Educational Renewal this summer.

When asked why she chose to study and teach through the Waldorf pedagogy, Kori states, “As a parent of a WSMC alumna and by working as a resource teacher, I have seen Waldorf education support students academically, emotionally, and artistically. Waldorf education teaches students to think critically and be able to problem solve. I've seen firsthand how these students possess an inner motivation to learn and do their best, creating lifelong learners.”

From Left to right: Walter Hill, Kai Lyon-Weiss, Max Talbert, Dylan Allbritton, Mrs. Joy Evans, Ayana Lamb, Mrs. Lynne Newton, Genevieve Shamiya, Jaxson Nicoll, Charlie Piñon, Izaiah Morris, Brodie Allen.

It is clear that their teachers have deep enthusiasm and excitement for the curriculum and unique structure. Kori shares, “I am excited to start teaching the 1st-grade class and build strong relationships with my students and their families, to watch them learn and grow with them through the 8th grade.  I am also looking forward to learning and growing as a teacher through my Waldorf Teacher Training and my mentors at WSMC.”

Lynne shares that in the time she has been teaching, “I have visited many schools around the world, taught in many places, in a variety of socio-economic environments, from Nairobi to Oakland. I have learned that while children need to be recognized as individuals, there is a universal humanity that transcends differences and is nurtured by the wisdom in Waldorf pedagogy. The benefit of traveling and teaching children from many walks of life is that I have been able to focus on the essential aspects of the Waldorf pedagogy and have developed a varied and flexible repertoire of teaching content. I love creating lessons specifically for the children before me and have a collection of materials influenced by the variety of cultures I have most fortunately been exposed to.”

Waldorf provides flexibility in curriculum, allowing teachers to be responsive to the students in front of them, to the demands of the current world, and to the needs of the community and the individual. Lynne shares more about her commitment and deep understanding of the underpinnings of Waldorf Education, “I often get asked how an education created more than 100 years ago is still relevant for children and families today. How can an elementary education that does not include technology adequately prepare children for a future where technology and AI are incorporated into every aspect of their lives?” She responds that Waldorf education is focused on developing the skills and capacities needed to thrive in an unknown future. Waldorf pedagogy is limited only by the educator’s interpretation, and its inspiration is so fundamental it is timeless. Their goal is to enhance students’ capacity, inspire creative thinking, foster self-knowledge, instill commitment and resilience, and build confidence in oneself. “Once these skills and capacities are developed, using computers and technology comes easily. While Waldorf education provides opportunities for fine motor development in kindergarten through finger-knitting and drawing and restricts computer use, upper-grade students may find themselves dismantling and rebuilding a computer.” Technology is seen as a tool to be used creatively at the right time. Lynne adds “The brilliance and timelessness of Waldorf pedagogy is in its potential for developing flexibility in mind, body, and soul along with the wisdom that comes from an intellect warmed by a loving heart.”

Kori Allbritton, Joy Evans, Lynne Newton and Kelly Austin

“As we welcome these new teachers, we want to extend a warm invitation to new families to join our vibrant community," adds Renata Abbade, the Interim Administrator. Enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year is open, and interested families should visit to schedule a visit. "We genuinely look forward to sharing the Waldorf educational journey with families in Mendocino, nurturing the collective growth, and your children’s curiosity in a supportive and engaging environment.”

Written by Karrin Palmer

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