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Autumn Has Arrived: Time for Michaelmas

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Autumn has arrived in its full glory. The air is cooler, the acorns are falling heavily this year, the leaves are just beginning to turn color.

Waldorf Michaelmas Festival at Mendocino Waldorf School

In White Rose kindergarten the children celebrated the Michaelmas Festival, complete with a knighting ceremony. They received their swords, to do what is good and right, along with a shield for protection. They were so upright and proud as they received these gifts of Michaelmas.

This week after watching the grand school pageant, we had our own acting out of our version of the Michaelmas story. The children took turns being gnomes, the dragon, an angel, George, and Michael. Each day the children had a different part to play, thus allowing the experience of what each part feels like. It goes beyond gender, race, or personality. It is one of the beautiful aspects of a Waldorf Education allowing the archetypical images take hold of each child through play acting. The story ends with this verse:

“The dragon shall fall and never rise, goodness rules the earth and the skies.”

This verse is so important for the young child.

“Fear paralyzes children. It reverses children’s natural gesture of trust, openness, and interest in the world.” (Susan Weber, How Do I Find and Create Goodness for my Children?) Knowing the world is good and beautiful creates a sense of safety. This knowledge enhances children’s ability to develop inner strength, self-confidence, and trust. This gives them a strong foundation to move forward in life. There are many dragons in the world and we must give them the tools to tame them.

White Rose kindergarten the children celebrated the Michaelmas Festival

Many blessings to everyone this Autumn

Debra McCarthy

White Rose kindergarten teacher

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