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A Different Kind of May Day

Last Friday May 1, was May Day. In normal times we would have made flower crowns, brought a picnic lunch and gathered on the big field and watched the children perform their May Day dances. The 8th graders would (finally) get to dance the Maypole. All children who attend school here watch those 8th graders with great wonder and know that when they become 8th graders they will be able to dance the Maypole too. This year, in this surreal time, our 8th graders were not able to dance on May Day. We are hoping to come together in June to be able to do this and many other milestone traditions.

Until then, our community had to come up with other ways to celebrate May Day. Some brought flowers to their neighbors, some made their own Maypoles and had their own picnics in their yards.

The Early Childhood teachers had a drive up May Day in the Kindergarten parking lot. The teachers gathered and waited for parents to drive up with their kids in the car. There were songs, flowers, smiles and tears of joy. The children were happy to see their beloved teachers and some of their friends (from a distance).

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