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2020 WSMC Graduate Spotlight Series : Charlotte O’Connor

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

We have graduates this year!

Five years ago, our community made some big changes to keep our school vibrant and sustainable. This included our combined grades model and left us with the top class being a 3rd/4th combination. Every year since we have watched them take the next step, inching closer to graduation. So, to say the least, we are very excited!

8th grade is a special year for our students, it is the culmination of all their hard work. There are final projects, field trips and social bonds tested. It is also the last leg of their journey with us before they venture out to join the high school crowds. Most of this year’s 8th grade class has been with us since preschool and we are the only school many have ever known. When we closed school in March, most of us thought we would be back in a few weeks. The 8th graders did not think that would be their last time on campus, in their classroom, or with their teacher.

Their amazing teacher, Mrs. Austin, has held them together-even at a distance. Venturing into brave new territory with Zoom classes and video chats. However, it is not the same, it is hard, and it is sad. Each graduate is facing this new challenge with the tremendous strength and courage we have seen in them all along. We could not be prouder.

Every few days we will post about one of our amazing graduates. We will showcase their artwork, achievements, and personality.


Charlotte O’Connor

Charlotte has been at WSMC since she was 4 in the Rosebud Preschool. She is probably one of the goofiest kids in her class. She loves all sports and is very competitive. She has excelled in soccer and making people laugh. She thinks of her classmates and teacher as her second family and WSMC as her second home. She will be attending Ukiah High School in the fall with the hopes of participating in many sports. We will miss seeing her bright shining smile on campus. Congratulations Charlotte!

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