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We continue to closely monitor the situation and will keep you updated as things change.

We are coming from a time when there were many rules and a lot of ever-changing information coming
to WSMC regarding Covid. During this time WSMC employees were attuned to be vigilant, stay aware,
and stay flexible.

Current regulations, information and updates are much simpler. The current requirements for schools
are the CDPH Guidelines for the General Public Health. Please visit the website and read for all the

WSMC’s Health and Safety Guidelines and Communicable Disease Policy have been updated to include
Covid 19. Below are WSMC's current guidelines, which align with the CDC and CDPH.

  •  If you are sick, please stay home.

  •  Testing is not required.

  •  If you test positive stay home for 5 days and negative test before returning.

  •  If you have close contact with a Covid Positive person, please monitor yourself for symptoms.

  •  Masks are recommended indoors.

  •  There are no field trip requirements.

  •  Maintain good air ventilation and use air purifier in classrooms.

  •  Maintain healthy hygiene practice ie: handwashing

  •  Tests and masks are available in the office.

Questions and concerns may be directed to Jessy Jane Pope:  or (707) 485-8719 x1.

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