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I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, and grew up exploring various art forms which sparked my journey to becoming a multidisciplinary artist. My career has been centered around creative collaboration, working with people to enhance communication and amplify awareness. 


After graduating in design, I spent over a decade in New York City working as a stylist in the fashion industry. I am fascinated with the anthropological and communicative potential of fashion and its connection to desire, cultural identity, and adornment. Later, I moved to Los Angeles and began working with ceramics, an art form that allowed me to connect more deeply with the elements. After living a nomadic lifestyle, we settled in Mendocino County and built a home using natural, locally available, and repurposed materials. 


I have had the pleasure of working with many brands, organizations, and individuals, making a positive impact through aesthetics, ethics, and community building. 


We chose the Waldorf School for our daughter's education due to its commitment to fostering independent and creative thinking, hosting an atmosphere of stewardship and service, prioritizing the well-being of the children, and working together toward a brighter future.



Office Coordinator & Registrar

I moved to Mendocino County as a teenager and have lived in the mountains of Redwood Valley for 20 years. I became part of The Waldorf School when my daughter began preschool. During the pandemic, I found strength in the shared values of the WSMC community. The staff, faculty, and families powered through with hope even at the height of uncertainty. It has been a joy to experience the return to normal school activities at Waldorf. 
I enjoy quiet country life and spending time outdoors with my daughter. I am a certified equine body worker, an animal caregiver for livestock and pets, and a baker. Bountiful seasonal harvests, a love for the science of baking, and finding any and all reasons to celebrate is what keeps me inspired.

Jennifer Krauss Business Manager


Business Manager

I was born in California, but spent most of my childhood in Colorado.  Mendocino County has been home to me since 2001.  I have earned Associates Degrees in Business Management and in Psychology. Most of my employment background consists of work for local governments, and after 16 years in Mendocino County government I decided to go a different direction.  I dreamed of a place where appreciation and kindness are integral to the culture of the organization.  I have found that here at The Waldorf School.  I spend my free time enjoying the company of my husband, our grown children, and our dogs.  I enjoy several hobbies including cake decorating, gardening, knitting and crocheting, reading, and kayaking.   

Emily Rose Smith Enrollment and Outreach Coordinator


Development Director

My journey with Waldorf education began in a small playgroup run by Marcia Tichenor. I don’t remember the play group but it made an impression on my mother who supported my Waldorf education through 8th grade graduation here at WSMC. I loved being a Waldorf student. Beeswax and watercolor are at the core of my being. My experience at WSMC formed the foundations of who I am today. After high school, I left California for the snowy winters of upstate New York to attend Wells College. After graduating with a BA in International Studies I traveled in Latin America before falling into teaching. Four years later, the travel bug caught again and I took a position teaching English in the Republic of Georgia. Nothing like living in an economically fragile county to make you reassess your life and upon return to California I decided to pursue my MBA with a focus on nonprofit management at Mills College. The excitement of business meetings and East Bay life changed with the birth of my daughter Eva. I decided it was time to head home to Willits (again) to dirt and trees. I knew I wanted my children to have the same Waldorf experience I had had and was honored when I was asked to join the WSMC Board. Board work became Committee work, Committee work became taking on the Auction and now Enrollment and Outreach. I am excited to use the skills I have acquired with an organization I feel truly passionate about. I think it is my responsibility, as a parent and alumni, to contribute to the sustainability of the school I love.

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Enrollment & Outreach Coordinator

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and after high school I attended Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.  There I received a B.A. in Liberal Studies, a multiple subject teaching credential, and an M.A. in Education.  Shortly after my daughter was born seventeen years ago, my husband Mike and I decided to move to Mendocino County.  We were seeking a slower pace of life with plenty of space to raise a family and for our pets.  


My first Waldorf experience was when my daughter and I attended the Roots and Shoots Program at WSMC.  It was a lovely few weeks of songs, crafts, fresh baked bread, and playtime.  I knew then that this school would offer a warm nurturing space for my daughter to grow.  She then attended Rosebud Preschool, Yellow Rose Kindergarten, and journeyed up through the grades.  My son is now following her lead and is in the third grade.  While my children have attended WSMC I have volunteered, helped as a classroom parent, and worked as a resource teacher.  In my spare time I enjoy gardening, riding my horse, doing arts and crafts, and going on outdoor adventures with my family.  

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